Schedule Link is the easiest way to schedule meetings.
Get started in just 90 seconds.
less if you're a keyboard ninja.
1. Send your Schedule-Link URL to someone.
People you send your link to can see your available times.
2. They see when you're free.
You control the exact times people can schedule with you.
3. They schedule, and it’s in both your calendars.
No effort required. Scheduled events automatically go to your calendar.
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Send People Your Schedule Link To Schedule Meetings.
Schedule Link connects with your Google Calendar to show people when you’re free.

When they schedule something, you’ll know right away, and the event will automatically be added to your Google Calendar.
Super Simple Settings.
Schedule Link comes with a lot of simple options to fit your exact needs.

You can set up how many meetings you’ll take a day, create buffer times between meetings, and prevent or allow last minute events. The choice is all yours.
Free For Everyone.
Schedule Link is free and open source - with no catch. Just sign up and use it.
Want to contribute to Schedule Link? Fork it right here.
Ditch Manual Scheduling in Less Than 90 Seconds.
Getting started takes 90 seconds.*

You’ll have your schedule-link in about one and a half minutes from now.
*less if you're a keyboard ninja.